Bennet House

In late 2012 the Forget-Me-Not-Club purchased a property on Arbeadie Road, Banchory and have, with expert guidance and advice from dementia specialists, converted it into a purpose built facility to provide a safe and stimulating environment for people with dementia, their carers and our volunteers.


Bennett House has a large central space for group activities including crafts, gentle exercise, such as tai chi, musical performances and singing. The Rockery is a calm pleasant room where our dedicated team of volunteer complementary therapists offer valuable treatment to our Carers, Clients & Volunteers.

Stromwood is a multi purpose room where we have a beautiful dolls house, a small pool table along with a library of resource books, including books on dementia available to borrow

The Forget-Me-Not Club also provides facilities for training carers and volunteers and an area for private consultation in order for carers to deal with emotional, physical or financial issues relating to dementia.

The secure garden, ” Willie’s Garden” at the rear of the house provides a safe, stimulating, accessible and secure environment for everyone to enjoy & take part in planting & maintaining plants. The front garden, “Brian’s Garden” creates an attractive approach to Bennett House with benches, arches with an interesting mix of plants & shrubs.

How you can help

Running a facility like Bennett House comes at a cost. Although we have a tireless band of amazing volunteers there are fixed costs associated with the building which are on-going. Bennett House offers a unique and invaluable resource within the community and to keep this running we need your support.