A great weight has been lifted from my shoulders as Mum now “volunteers” with the FMN Club. All the family have noticed the positive change in her. At 88 she now enjoys life so much more ; meeting new friends, having the stimulation of various enriching events; arts and crafts , family history, storytelling, Tai Chi, music or being entertained by many visiting groups and performers. She is a cared for and cherished member of the club. The sound of laughter that greets you entering the lovely atmosphere of the secure Bennet House can only be matched by the warmth of the welcome to both carers and members alike.

I now have more patient with mum as I have learned more coping strategies and have free time for myself knowing she is safe and happy; so the times that we are together are more relaxed and pleasurable.

I only discovered the amazing array of support offered by attending one of their regular Sat coffee mornings- the pancakes are “nae bad” too!!

With genuine gratitude and affection for all volunteers and those running the club.
Linda MacPhee, Banchory.

To whom it may concern.
After my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, we were introduced by Alzheimers Scotland Aberdeen Branch, to Heather Morrison, Operations Director of the Forget-Me-Not-Club in Banchory, and as they say, the rest is history!

From the moment my husband stepped into the then accomodation of the Club in the scout hall in Banchoey, he literally never looked back. He was drawn immediately into the caring and loving atmosphere, set by Heather and her team of staff, volunteers and trustees. All the clients are treated as individuals, where in a stimulating, bright, safe and relaxed environment many activities are offered and all contributions are valued.

Bennett House has been cleverly adapted to suit the diverse needs of the clients, from the furniture, flooring, toilet facilities, quiet room, bright colourful open plan communal area, kitchen, garden ect to the ever changing displays, reflecting the seasons and special days, as they occur.

It is impossible to include everything that makes Bennett House a fantastic facility but i do know that without Heather Morrison at the helm, it would not exist and we the carers would be bereft. Heather, together with her staff, volunteers and trustees have created a marvellous facility for clients and their carers. It is a truism “that the whole much more than the sum of its parts”.

Francoise Macdonald, Peterculter

As we live fairly close to Bennett House we watched the development of the facility with interrest as we often passed it on our daily walks. Little did we realise the impact it would have on our lives a relatively short time later. Soon after Alison was diagnosed with dementia we were passing the house when we were met by Heather and she very kindly and diplomatically invited Alison to come and “help” at Forget-Me-Not. What a godsend that has proven to be.

Alison truly enjoys her visits to Bennett house and she really misses it if we are unable to attend. She thoroughly enjoys the company and the numerous activities.

It is difficult to convey to those who have not experienced it, the atmosphere at Forget-Me-Not. There is always a feeling of warmth, compassion, empathy and caring. From the friendly, smiling welcome in the morning to the fond farewell in the afternoon she is looked after and, more importantly, cared for by motivated, caring, genuine friends. It is a source of great comfort to us as a family that she enjoys such a happy, positive environment.

For my own part, Alison’s visits offer me an opportunity to have some precious time to myself. Although i miss her and the house feels a bit empty when she is not there, I do realise that i can concentrate more readily on the regime of every-day activities which i tend to neglect when we’re together.

It is difficult to find words which can adequately convey our gratitude to, and appreciation of all involved in the Forget-Me-Not “club” and we look on it a vital extension of our family life. Alison often says, “we are blessed.” And without doubt Forget-Me-Not is a critical element of that blessing.

Ron, Banchory